Enlighten London


Enlighten LOVES London!

London is simply the perfect place for your action-packed immersion course abroad. We have taken great care to select our partner school, EC London situated in zone one, just near Euston station. The intensive courses, excellent tuition and spacious, modern premises meet the high standards we expect when sending our Enlighten studentsabroad to study.

The 30+ courses are open to professionals from all over the world. Classes are organized per level (following a level test on Monday mornings) and according to the type of language you wish to work on (English for work, English in the city, Business English etc.)

Join the workshops at EC London and enjoy their social programme. There are lots of opportunities to get to know other like-minded students at EC during the week!

After school, one of our Enlighten teachers will be delighted to pick you up and take you on a tour, introducing you to some interesting parts of the city while giving you the opportunity to converse with a real Londoner.

English courses

Individual Coaching has become a popular course available in London for foreigners who need linguistic support on arrival in the UK. Sessions can be arranged to take place at your offices, at your home or at your teacher’s home.

The course is designed to meet your personal needs and we throw in fun activities to ensure you are totally immersed in the language of Shakespeare. Enjoying tea and scones at Fortnum & Masons or shopping in Covent Garden with your teacher is all part of the experience.

Equally our team provides a more academic approach to learning English where we work with small groups and individuals to reach new targets and strengthen grammar skills while acquiring essential business vocabulary.

French Courses and Immersion

Given our team’s passion for France, it is hardly surprising that we specialize in delivering top-notch French courses on a weekly basis in London too!

Enlighten French classes take place at your home, your teacher’s home or at your offices. Equally, we organize immersion courses in France where you receive excellent quality instruction in our centres in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and Toulouse along with an exciting activity programme. These immersions in France mostly take place in the summer.

For more information on FLE courses (Français Langue Etrangère) please contact: fle@enlighten.fr or send us a mail from the Contact page.