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Enlighten LOVES London!

It is simply the perfect place to send our French and Spanish students on an unforgettable, action-packed immersion course from one week to a month.

We have taken great care to select our partner school EC London who have beautiful, modern premises, adapted to our students pedagogical needs and expectations near Euston station.

After class at EC, you will have quality time with one of our Enlighten teachers, always available to take you on a tour, meet for lunch in a typical British pub, go for a walk in one of the beautiful parks, or visit a museum and take in the sights together!

An excellent opportunity to improve fluency and get to know the city better through conversing with a real native!

English courses

Individual Coaching is a popular course available in London for foreigners, new to the city. Sessions take place at your home or offices or at your teachers home.

We make sure the course is tailor-made to meet your requirements and prepare you for the next linguistic challenge and/or level. Fun activities are included in the course to ensure you are totally immersed in the language of Shakespeare (visit a museum with your teacher or have a lively discussion over cups of tea and scones, go to a show together, enjoy walking and talking in the park or go shopping in Covent Garden or along Oxford Street…)

Equally we provide a more academic approach to learning a language where we work with groups and individuals to reach newtargets and strengthen grammar skills while acquiring business vocabulary. Even a pack of a few classes can prepare you perfectly for an interview or for a certified test.

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French Courses and Immersion

With our passion for France, it is hardly surprising that we specialize in delivering top-notch French courses on a weekly basis in London too!

Enlighten French classes take place at your home, your teacher’s home or at your offices.

Equally, we organise intensive weeks in France where we send our UK students to our centres in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and Toulouse. It is a joy to welcome you to France. We take care of every detail from accommodation to the exciting social and activity programme on offer during your stay. It is a truly incredible experience that lasts two full weeks. You are totally immersed in French language and culture wherever you are.

For more information on courses available in France, please contact: fle@enlighten.fr or send us a mail on the contact page.

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