NEW - Enlighten In Nantes!

‘Enlighten Nantes’ is a team of committed, dynamic and professional teachers. We want to enable you reach some challenging new targets in English, French and Spanish.

We provide weekly courses in companies in Nantes and on the outskirts of the city.

Select the Language For Work module that corresponds perfectly to your chosen profession, allowing you to improve your skills and become competitive on an international level.

Why not get out of the office and experience our Booster Courses for individuals? You will enjoy the quality language coaching and the variety of activities on offer in Nantes, giving you lots of practice and fun with your teachers.


We hope to see you at our AFTERWORKS hosted regularly in Nantes - an excellent chance to meet new people from different professional backgrounds while practicing your communication skills in English with our teachers!

Keep an eye on our facebook page for upcoming events in the city! See you soon!

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