As the Christmas countdown continues Toulouse is twinkling!

La Ville Rose has been decorated with thousands of Christmas lights and last weekend the enormous parade Fiers a Cheval brought the city centre to life. Giant illuminated marionettes surrounded by plumes of atmospheric red smoke floated through the town as melodic music rang out and the crowds looked on in dream-like wonder.

Toulouse, France.

The last week in November saw the arrival of the Christmas Village in Place du Capitole, the 3350m2 market has 117 stalls offering all sorts of festive delights from succulent sweet treats to table decorations, jewellery and toys.  This year four of the charming little chalets are dedicated to 63 local businesses. It’s the perfect place to wander around on a chilly December evening to find some last minute stocking-fillers!

I, for one, will certainly be wrapping up warm and going back to enjoy one last cup of vin chaud under the fairy lights to toast Toulouse before I head back to the UK for Christmas day!


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