“I want to practice outside the classroom”

Be fluent!

Our Booster Courses in English, French, Spanish and Italian, give you the opportunity to speak non-stop outside the classroom and feel more and more confident in your new language. For high levels it gives an excellent opportunity to keep practicing and improving!

You will develop your fluency and pronunciation naturally while trying out different activities with your teachers and enjoying real-life situations. It is a exciting experience where courses are designed specifically for you, incorporating your personal interests and focusing on your core linguistic needs.

  • Apprenez en participant à différentes activités (visites culturelles, sport, balade, concert, cours de yoga, pratiques artistiques, cours de cuisine, séances de cinéma)
  • Become an effective communicator from the very start of the course.
  • En étant au contact de professeurs différents, vous pourrez découvrir des accents et parcours variés.

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