Chez Enlighten, nous sommes une équipe investie par notre mission. Un groupe de professeurs expérimentés, diplômés, spécialistes des langues, originaires de différents pays et chacun de nous enseigne sa langue maternelle.

Grâce à notre créativité et notre savoir-faire nous vous fournissons des outils qui vous permettent d’apprendre de façon stimulante et efficace, que vous soyez un élève débutant ou possédiez un bon niveau.

Le fait d’avoir travaillé et voyagé dans le monde entier nous permet d’être particulièrement sensibles à l’expérience unique que représente l’apprentissage d’une nouvelle langue. Fixer des objectifs et évaluer régulièrement vos progrès fait partie de nos missions.

Nous sommes heureux de vous embarquer à bord d’une aventure linguistique réussie et unique !

Nous sommes là pour vous aider à vous dépasser!

Co-founder / Managing Director Enlighten

Caitrin Lepeltier:

Growing up in a multicultural environment I understood from an early age the importance of acquiring strong communication skills to enjoy life fully and face the challenges of a diverse and ever-changing world around me.

Learning new languages can be exhilarating and allows us to connect with people on a deeper level and discover new cultures.... Read more
I started my career in Paris working in public relations where speaking foreign languages was a vital tool in reaching out to clients abroad and creating new markets.
In 2013 after a change in my career path and years of experience as an English teacher, I created Enlighten Languages. The aim is to provide students with a unique learning opportunity related to their personal needs or that of their company.
I am personally committed to making sure each and every course is effective and meaningful, enabling students to reach their fullpotential inside and outside the workplace. Today I am proud to work with an exceptional team of qualified, motivated, teachers in France and Spain from different countries and professional backgrounds. Each one brings to our Enlighten team a unique story, talent and personality.
We have a common goal: we want to equip our students for fluent and coherent communication across the globe. I hope you will be part of our exciting enterprise!

School Coordinator


Hi! I’m Daniel from eastern Pennsylvania. I have two roles at Enlighten: School Coordinator and teacher. My role as a School Coordinator is to organize our students’ classes to make sure ... Read morethey fit as perfectly as possible into their busy weekly schedules. I also facilitate the link between our clients and our team, assisting with the weekly reporting. I particularly enjoy working on our immersion programmes abroad and advising clients about courses, destinations and I stay in touch during their stay with our partner schools all over the world to ensure they are getting the very best experience. Having grown up with an American father and an Italian mother, I understand the importance of being able to communicate with people from different countries and I realize the difficulties linked to learning a new language. My main goals as a teacher are to make sure I always offer an interesting and fun experience to every one of my students to boost their confidence through tailor-made activities.

Pedagogical Manager


Hello! I'm Ric from Exeter in the south-west of England. As pedagogical manager in France I am here to help the team with teaching materials which are specifically designed ... Read moreto the students needs. I believe that every person is unique and therefore requires a unique learning experience. Working in this role is also rewarding as I am in contact with students and teachers at all times so can keep track on the progress each individual makes throughout their lessons. My goal when teaching is to enable the student to speak confidently about all aspects of life, both general and specific to business. I believe in active and lively lessons, In which the student can learn whilst debating real life situations with passion. I enjoy being part of the Enlighten team in Lyon, as I am able to meet people from all walks of life who have different language orientated goals.

Office Manager


Bonjour, moi, c’est Alexia, Madame Back-office!! On pourrait croire que je suis pénible, eh bien oui, je le suis 😊 ! Je suis celle qui vient mettre de l’administratif dans ... Read morela créativité de nos formateurs. J’œuvre au quotidien pour accompagner les clients dans le montage de leurs dossiers de financement, les apprenants dans l’organisation de leur Bulats, les formateurs dans le reporting des formations. Mon parcours RH, en entreprise industrielle et de services, me permet de connaître parfaitement les exigences clients et surtout d’anticiper leurs besoins. Au plaisir de vous conseiller sur le financement de votre aventure Enlighten!

Head of French as a Foreign Language


My name is Stefan. I am from Auxerre, the department of Yonne in France. I studied management, information systems and French as a Foreign Language in Lyon. ... Read moreOn a parallel to a few years of research in semantics, I started a career in teaching very early on at University Jean Moulin Lyon 3, in different schools, companies and also individuals. I taught FLE in France and abroad, especially in Denmark. I am passionate about Scandinavia. Enlighten entrusts me with the management and educational responsibility of courses in French as a Foreign Language. Enlighten works in total confidence with its team of teachers who, in order to respond to the requirements of their learners, implement their own tools and their methodology as well. The diversity and creativity of each teacher is an invaluable asset in achieving progress with our students.We also create and organize intensive courses, total immersion in the true spirit of discovery. Indeed, our pedagogical approach is based on active approach, ie to really live into the foreign language in order to use it effectively with real language skills. This approach involves creating diverse scenarios during the courses, and the practice of new skills in very real situations, in the context of immersion courses. The main purpose of our Enlighten school is to support our learners efficiently and with goodwill throughout their foreign language learning journey. We help them succeed in their project of becoming independent speakers and therefore opening up to the world.

English Teacher & Head of Translations


Hi, my name is Anne-Marie and I come from Melbourne, Australia. I have been living in Lyon for 6 years and have been part of the Enlighten team for nearly two years. ... Read more I do telephone lessons, in-company teaching and translations for Enlighten, and feel that the team atmosphere is really what makes Enlighten different, as it creates a relaxed and friendly environment for the teachers and the students. I have a Masters degree in translation, which I enjoy because it allows me to think about and participate in the relationship between language and culture. My priority as a teacher is to help my students to feel comfortable and relaxed in English, and to encourage them to view language learning as an interesting experience rather than just a tool or an obligation. In the classroom I try to create a friendly and informal environment where students can express themselves without stress.

English Teacher & Business Developer Nice

Jay T.
Jay T.:

Hi, my name is Jay and I am the team leader in the south of France for Enlighten team Nice! I’m originally from Newport Beach, California and have an extensive background ... Read morein finance and accounting. I’m happy to say that I’ve lived on four different continents, travelled to over 60+ countries, lived in New York City and Philadelphia for four years apiece and speak 3 languages. Since arriving in France over 6 years ago, I have focused solely on teaching English (perhaps less money but way more satisfying!). Aside from teaching English, my students appreciate my laid-back Californian attitude, passion for improving their English and the fact that we can discuss at length anything and everything under the sun! That is all for now with my sincere thanks and appreciation!

English Teacher & Team Leader Toulouse


Bonjour. Je me prénomme Marie. Je suis professeur d’anglais et originaire de Philadelphie aux Etats-Unis. J’ai grandi dans une famille avec un père américain et une mère française. Cela m’a permis de comprendre les difficultés auxquelles ... Read moresont confrontées une personne devant parler plusieurs langues. Je vis et enseigne à Toulouse depuis 6 ans. J’apprécie tout autant de travailler avec des élèves qui souhaitent apprendre pour leur vie professionnelle que pour des motivations privées. Je suis heureuse lorsque mes élèves découvrent avec satisfaction le plaisir de s’exprimer facilement en anglais. Je m’applique à fournir les outils adaptés aux besoins de mes élèves et les guider dans leurs projets linguistiques. J’ai rejoint l’équipe d’Enlighten en 2015.

English Teacher & Team Leader Paris


Bonjour, Je me prénomme Antonio et suis originaire d’Oxford au Royaume Uni. Je vis en France et plus précisément en région parisienne depuis que j’ai quitté l’université (mais pas celle d’Oxford :-) ) dans les années 90.... Read more
J’enseigne l’anglais depuis de nombreuses années et j’ai rejoint l’équipe d’Enlighten récemment.
Le fait d’être bilingue anglais/français me permet de mieux comprendre les fautes couramment faites par les élèves français. Cela me permet aussi de mieux appréhender et gérer les difficultés lorsqu’il faut communiquer en anglais.
Je tâche autant que possible de montrer les points communs et correspondances entre nos deux langues. Cela rend l’apprentissage plus motivant et plus naturel, deux points essentiels pour apprendre et s’exprimer plus facilement.

English Teacher


My name is Liam, and I’m originally from sunny Tampa, Florida. After working in the field of Human Resources for several years and helping other people find their perfect careers, ... Read moreI decided it was time to follow my own advice. I arrived in Lyon in 2015, and I’ve been teaching English ever since which I find very rewarding. I especially enjoy teaching Business English and preparing students for English proficiency examinations. Working with the Enlighten team is fun and varied and our courses are an excellent way to help students develop their confidence and proficiency in both learning and using the English language. I enjoy every minute with our students. Language is about communication, and my goal is to help you find your “voice” in English.

English teacher


Bonjour. Je me prénomme Sophie. Je suis Anglaise, professeur d’anglais et originaire de la région de Leicestershire en Angleterre. J’enseigne l’anglais ... Read moredepuis 3 ans. Après avoir terminé mes études en Argentine, j’ai travaillé dans plusieurs instituts de langues et dans des écoles primaires. J’ai ainsi enseigné à des élèves d’âges variés et aux aptitudes très différentes. J’ai rejoint l’équipe d’Enlighten Toulouse cette année. Ma pratique du théâtre et mon étude des langues modernes influencent ma façon d’enseigner: je suis dynamique et propose des cours atypiques avec beaucoup de jeux de rôles, de jeux et de débats.

English Teacher


Bonjour. Je suis Esther. Je suis originaire de la région de Birmingham en Angleterre. J’ai étudié l’anglais et le français lors de mes études à l’université de Leeds. J’ai rejoint l’équipe d’Enlighten en octobre. ... Read moreEnlighten propose une méthode agréable, simple et efficace pour enseigner et apprendre l’anglais. Cela permet d’avoir une souplesse pour organiser des cours sur mesure afin qu’ils correspondent aux attentes et emplois du temps des élèves et des enseignants, même lorsqu’ils ont un emploi du temps chargé. Je pense que l’échange et le dialogue sont souvent la clef d’un apprentissage plus naturel de la langue. J’adapte les cours autour de thématiques qui intéressent les élèves et en fonction de leurs centres d’intérêt, quels qu’ils soient,afin qu’ils apprécient d’échanger sur ces sujets. Personnellement, j’aime beaucoup la gastronomie, et j’apprécie d’explorer les différences entre la cuisine britannique et la cuisine française. J’utilise régulièrement le support vidéo et les jeux de rôle pour que mes élèves améliorent leur prononciation, leur vocabulaire et le plus important: leur confiance!

English Teacher


J’exerçais auparavant en tant qu’avocat des affaires au Royaume-Uni. Cette expérience ainsi que mes connaissances du monde de l’entreprise me permettent ... Read morede comprendre facilement les attentes des élèves. J’utilise également cette expérience et mes compétences d’ex avocate afin de donner une dimension très réelle aux cours d’anglais. Je suis heureuse de faire partie de l’équipe Enlighten. J’enseigne l’anglais à Lyon depuis 3 ans à des élèves issus d’univers très différents, et j’apprécie cette motivation commune qui anime les élèves d’Enlighten pour apprendre les langues. En tant qu’enseignante j’apprécie aussi un réel esprit d’équipe au sein d’Enlighten caractérisé par une synergie et une vraie volonté de travailler ensemble.

English Teacher


Hello! My name is Rosario. I recently started to work with Enlighten in Toulouse, France. I come from a bilingual and bicultural family, English mother and Spanish father. ... Read moreTherefore, I started studying Translation and Interpretation to stimulate my curiosity for modern languages and cultures.
My experience in teaching started at my mother's English academy in Spain. Furthermore, I have worked as a Language Assistant in Toulouse where I also decided to do a Master’s in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This experience confirmed my desire of becoming a teacher! I realised that I am dedicated teacher for whom teaching, and pleasure go hand in hand. I rely heavily on forming good relationships with my students. I also believe that innovation and creative ideas are active learning techniques that encourage and engage students in my classes.

English Teacher


Hello! I’m Patrick, and I’m originally from a town near Miami, Florida, in the United States. I moved to Bordeaux in 2017, after a few years of traveling throughout the ... Read moreworld. I have a Masters degree in a discipline related to history, and I teach lower level university courses to students in the US via the internet. I’ve been teaching English here in France for a bit longer than a year, while simultaneously learning the French language (so I’m a student, too!) I have extensive teaching experience in a traditional classroom/group setting, as well as experience teaching in companies and in a one-on-one setting with individual students. My teaching style is relaxed and fun while still focusing on the student’s goals – I find that when students are at ease, they express more confidence in their abilities and are better able to retain new information. I’m glad to be a part of the Enlighten team and am eager to meet and work with students in Bordeaux.

English Teacher


Hey I’m Alex. I joined the Enlighten team recently and am an English trainer based in Bordeaux. I come from Kent in England and have been in France since 2015. What I ... Read moreenjoy most about teaching is enabling a person to grow, overcome fears and gain new abilities. Aiding development in others and watching their confidence expand is a real pleasure. Here in Bordeaux I am the Enlighten Team leader and enjoy coordinating our work and schedules as well as organizing events in your companies and afterworks. When I’m not at work you’ll probably find me in the kitchen experimenting with a new dish, at a café with my head down in a great book, tinkering with my bike or enjoying a lovely glass of Bordeaux red with my pals at a terrace.

English Teacher


Hi, I’m Fiona, and I’m originally from the UK. However, I moved to France in 2016 from South Africa, where I’d been living for five and a half years, working in an orphanage ... Read moreand a school for disadvantaged children. I originally trained as a Speech and Language Therapist and worked for the National Health Service for several years before giving it all up to move to South Africa. I love teaching English, because I’m passionate about helping people develop to their full potential and speak English well so that they can communicate more effectively in this globalised world. In the words of Nelson Mandela, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart”. I try to make my lessons fun, engaging and relevant to the needs of individual students, using a wide range of resources and materials to help them develop their skills. I love seeing people develop and grow in confidence in their abilities, daring to speak English as and when required. I am delighted to be part of the Enlighten team based in Rennes.

English Teacher


Hello, my name is Willow, I’m originally from Leeds in the North of England! I moved to France when I was just a child. My parents wanted me and my siblings to be bilingual, so I ... Read moretotally understand how intimidating learning a new language can be! I strive to make my lessons fun, dynamic and tailored to your needs. My objective is to give the skills needed to tackle real life and professional situations in English with confidence. Don’t be scared, challenging yourself is what learning is all about. I’m crazy about history, culture and literally anything to do with art. I love working on the Enlighten team in Bordeaux and living in my adoptive country France; nevertheless I am still a British girl at heart...

English Teacher


Hello! I'm Elisabeth, initially from Sheffield in England and now settled in Marseille. I did an MA in English Literature and after several years working as a teacher in the classroom ... Read morenow choose to give training in companies. I'm delighted to be able to work with enlighten who invest in each individual's needs… and know that to keep making progress, you have to keep having fun! I enjoy tailoring courses that will develop real skills as well as their curiosity for the English language.

English Teacher


Hi Guys, I’m Nicky. I’m 34 years old from Wales, UK and I’m still pretty fresh to the teaching game, but I’m definitely loving every minute of it. I moved to Lyon Nov 2017 from Australia, ... Read morewhere I lived for 4 years. With a strong passion for travel, culture, food (especially cheese) and adventure, France seemed like the perfect place to be. I love the language, the city and France itself, and I look forward to embarking on this new journey with all of you.

English Teacher


Hi! I’m Nick from Miami, FL in the US. I joined the Enlighten team in 2018 in Paris. Though my background is in Engineering, I have been teaching English since 2010 ... Read morewhen I moved to Italy. This drastic career change was due to my love of languages. I've been living in France for about a year now, which is exciting for me as I've been studying French since I was a child.

English Teacher


English Teacher


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