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Holi Festival of Colours. Pretty and complimentary tops to go along with them! Now, there are a few things you should put on your packing list: shorts, sunglasses and… comfy shoes, of course! Furthermore, wearing trainers/running shoes is definitely a sign that you must be a tourist. Boys can go for likes of men such as shorts, t-shirts, half- or full-sleeve shirts. Prague is usually pretty warm at that time, at least you shouldn't need a coat of any kind. It’s hayfever time in Czech so bring your antihistamine with you. Sometimes it's just nice to have a person to contact if you need to ask a question. The temperature drops into the low 50s at night. June Date TBA. The actual ticketed festival in several locations and recommended to reserve in advance. Open air folklore dancing called Prague Heart of Nations on the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square. Livingpraguetours is my own offer of City Walking tours. www.slavnostipetilisteruze.eu. It gets pleasantly warm in the afternoons in Prague in the summer, with average highs in the low 70s Fahrenheit in June, July, and August. Don’t fancy restaurants? June marks the start of summer in Prague, which means the weather is better with mild weather during the day and a slightly cooler climate at night. The Prague City Transport Authority centrally manages large fleets of trams, buses, trains and metro carriages. Prague usually has chilly to mild spring weather, with March temperatures in the 30s and 40s, so pack warm, light clothes for easy layering if visiting during this time. Prague Paddle Festival at Shooters Island. then check the Hot Street Food guide. Most of the time, the days are pleasantly warm and sunny. Answer 1 of 6: What to wear during early July in Munich ? Men – The rule of smart casuals applies to you, too! 1st of June. Prague is best explored on foot thus consider a solid pair or two of closed toed shoes. Going to Prague in June? You should try that too! are tights and tunics a good idea? Weather. Remember the days before CGI and digital film effects. Just wondering what I should pack to wear in Prague for a trip in June 2008. Prague Spring Classical Music Festival. June 1st and 2nd. If you enjoy looking at a blue sky and like sunbathing than this month is a great period to visit Prague. Bring sun cream for skin protection and add a little extra salt to your meals on sunny days. Whether you’re in Vienna or Salzburg, you’ll do well wearing a scarf and a light jacket with light gloves and a hat (Austria’s hat game is very strong). The temperature during this time is higher in 70s F. and this dry sunny weather makes it a perfect month for sightseeing. Here’s my packing list for Prague in summer. This story and others is included in the Prague World War Two walking tour. You can buy tickets from tourist information office in the city. By tradition the second Saturday of a month is a Prague museum night. Think of keeping slacks, shorts and sundresses. thanks for your help! Women — This city prefers smart casuals and doesn’t go over the top with fancy dresses. Packing for a trip, mind that even June in Prague can be tricky, that is why I would recommend having something warm in your suitcase: jacket, pullover or hoody will be the best solution. A 2-day pay-to-enter music event with headline bands. Den Kozel. You can also keep earrings or neckpieces to go along with your dresses or pick up jewelry from local stores, too, if you want to add local flavors to your look. You’ll probably wearing shorts most of the day but you might want a long shirt or the light jacket first thing in the morning. Mystic Skate. There is ‘Prague Museum Night’ which is a free event occurring in the middle of June and features concerts, tours, lectures and performances. we will be in town for about 3 days. Answer 1 of 3: I'm a 25 year old woman. It is a gorgeous city with wonderful sights, delicious cuisine and an delightful culture. United Islands of Prague and Den Kozel are free to enter. In fact, after my trip to Prague in January, I felt the cold much more when I was back home in the UK. Even if the rain arrives from time to time, it dissipates quickly and leaves a few clouds. June happens to be the most popular month for visiting the beautiful city, so you might have to steer across fellow tourists and find the places crowded. Bring sun cream for skin protection and add a little extra salt to your meals on sunny days. http://www.prazskamuzejninoc.cz/. You’ll need to buy tickets online to go to events at the Prague Spring Music Festival, Metronomefest and the Prague Proms. What to wear in June in Prague? Thousands of people flock to Prague during summers for its superb events and lovely weather. In Vienna, again, it’s smarter to dress up, rather than to dress down, as the tourist crowds leave and the local Viennese will notice visitors more easily. When selecting what to wear to Prague in the summer, your travel wardrobe should focus on beautiful fabrics, removable layers, and comfortable shoes. on What to Pack for Alaska Cruise in August, on Interesting Facts about Table Mountain Cape Town, on How to Save Money When Traveling To Disneyland (Part 2), on How to Save Money When Traveling To Disneyland, Interesting Facts about Table Mountain Cape Town, How to Save Money When Traveling To Disneyland (Part 2), How to Save Money When Traveling To Disneyland. Dresses? Prague Castle is the largest castle in the world and includes chapels, gardens, and palaces over 18 acres. I limit scheduled tours to groups of six. Check out their awesome blog Style and Blog and Facebook Page. Great place for adults and kids to see how basic special effects were achieved in the early 20th Century. For nightclubs, you can keep a chesterfield coat and a fitted pair of shirt and trousers. As you may have guessed, summer is hands down the busiest time to visit Prague. Clothing. Summer – June, July and August – can be very hot; wear plenty of sunscreen (we love the Riemann P20 range for 10 hour protection), sunglasses and a sunhat. Travel packing checklist, fashion trends, Clothes To Wear. For a longer visit, consider bringing a few more of certain things, but remember you can wear clothes more than once, and you can do laundry or wash a few items in the sink to keep your packing list short. It’s possibly the strangest 90 minutes you’ll ever spend and much of it in total darkness. http://www.muzeumkarlazemana.cz/en. you can look at accuweather.com for past and future temperatures for Prague in June. any thoughts for cheap lodging would be great too. There are speciality tours like World War Two, Prague Architecture, Beer Tasting and a special Christmas Markets and Traditions tour in December. There is definitely a higher level of respect for an individual’s personal appearance. June Date TBA. The longest day is June 21st. What to Wear in: Prague. The Shakespeare Festival begins in June and stretches to September. Dresses? “Kasparkohrani” is a one-day free open-air music, dancing and arts festival at Brevnov Park. In June, we would like to highlight the world music Respect festival in the grounds of the Výstaviště Holešovice and the biggest festival in Prague United Islands with 15 stages and over 150 bands. Prague at the Beginning of June. We will be visiting prague in june and are looking for and insight on must-sees and must-do's. If you want to make the most of your holiday time and visit Prague wh… Average Number of Rainy, Snowy & Clear Days in Prague During Summer 2019 (June, July & August) Summer in Prague is considered to be the rainiest season, although the … June 10th is a commemoration day. If you pack for Prague in May then expect warm weather but also include a light rain jacket and a sweatshirt to cover most conditions. Museum Night. Take a sweater or jacket with you for when the sun goes down or hides behind clouds. June 26th and 27th. We very much enjoyed the opera on our visit to Prague 3 years ago. The colder months November, December, January, February and March can be absolutely freezing and snow is likely – so pack a thick coat, scarf, warm hat, gloves and ear muffs. Handling the Weather and What to Wear. Lightweight, long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts will be your most versatile items in summers in Prague. Though rain is common, June is also one of the sunniest months of the year in Prague. It has 218 hours of sun. Whole month. Lightweight, long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts will be your most versatile items in summers in Prague. Jazzboat. Prague in June sees the hottest weather of the year so far and brings the associated storms. Clothes that you can wear during both day and night will be best. Prague is the capital city of Czechia and it’s nickname is “the City of a Hundred Spires”. From June to August, the city’s historical city center is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. It could be wet or it could be warm so my advice is to plan some meals in scenic locations if the weather turns against you. The best dance groups and famous choreographs from all over the world take part in the festival (estimated date in 2018 is from 21st of May till 21st of June). What about capris? June 13th. Book Review – Via The Left Bank of the 90s. A light windproof rain jacket will substitute nicely for bulkier clothing as you won’t need it very often. Edited: 7:19 am, February 03, 2020 skirts? The average maximum temperature lies around 21.0°C (69.8°F). I list options on the scenic restaurants page or there’s a boat called Ristorante Marina docked at Manes Bridge by the Rudolfinum which gives great views of the river, castle and Charles Bridge. Definitely check the Zlute Lazne page to see if they have something planned. June Holidays And Events In Prague In 2018. With mild temperatures like these, you'll need to take a mixture of warm clothing such as jackets, jumpers and jeans to make sure you stay comfortable on an evening, as well as lighter t-shirts and thin jumpers or cardigans for when the sun gets out during the day. There is also International festival of contemporary dance where dance groups from all over Europe perform in the city. Footwear – The best way to explore this city is on foot. weather is hot there ? So typically that’s what you will normally wear on a warm sunny day. Private tours are available on request. Most of the “Band” music is towards the end of the month but always check Shooters Island to see if anything is going on there. Dresses, pants or jeans along with T-shirts, and skirts that are below the knee length are the most worn clothing in the city irrespective of the heat. So typically that’s what you will normally wear on a warm sunny day. But there is nothing to fret as this is also a time for holidays and events in Prague. With so much to do and see, you might as well start packing right away. Since the probability of rainfall is so high at this time of year, you should also consider packing an umbrella or waterproof jacket if you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors during your trip. An evening at the State Opera is a wonderful experience. All the major sites are covered in the various tours including the Old Town, Jewish Quarter, Lesser Town and Prague Castle which include a selection of “then and now” photos. Visitors traveling to Prague should plan on bringing a totally waterproof rain jacket since it … we are 2 girls in our early 30's. A light windproof rain jacket will substitute nicely for bulkier clothing as you won’t need it very often. Just wondering what I should pack to wear in Prague for a trip in June 2008. Geographical influences. Getting Around in Prague in June. In Czech but it gives you location etc. yes, generally in June you can wear summer clothing.. beginning of the month will be a little cooler. www.kasparkohrani.cz/. Also check my Skip the Line Tips and Tricks post which will explain what to expect plus save you some time and money. During the first ten days, the weather in Prague in June is almost ideal, allowing to make the most of one's stay. Answer 1 of 5: My husband and I will be in Prague for one week in the middle of May. Well Karel Zeman blazed that path. It also becomes popular to rent a peddalo and sail around Shooters Island. Performances in Prague are usually at Prague Castle and are in Czech but so long as you know the play you’ll be able to follow it. You can also carry a sweater or jacket for the time when the sun goes down or it gets cloudy. Yet tourists like spending summer in Prague, and that’s why it’s one of the busiest seasons after Winter. are tights and tunics a good idea? June sees the river really burst into life with places to go down by the riverside. www.shakespeare.cz (program published from April). I recently spent 3 days in Prague, which didn’t seem long enough. Style photograph courtesy of Mesi and Panni. Two days of qualifying and all the semi-finals and finals are on the third day. Cotton and khaki shirts and shorts or cargos will be comfortable for sightseeing. Rose Celebration (Cesky Krumlov) is a 3 day event in mid-June. Good choice! GetYourGuide offers a widespread selection of local things to do so it covers regular walking tours, food tours, river cruises, organised folklore/medieval dinners and bike tours. It rains for around 17 days in Prague in June, so umbrellas, waterproof jackets and boots are a necessity. The rest of this page covers Things To Do in Prague so as well as the stuff below also take a look at the Culture page for specifically booking tickets for Theatre and Concerts. To know what to wear in Prague in June, read below. It also covers more activity related stuff like ballooning, skydiving and shooting plus half-day, all-day and overnight trips outside the city. The cold Spanish soup called Gazpacho makes it’s first appearance of the year. Accessories – Being on vacation doesn’t mean you can skip on accessories or cute little pieces of jewelry. Prague in the Middle of June You can also carry a sweater or jacket for the time when the sun goes down or it gets cloudy. Some folks were even wearing heavier raincoats at that time. What to Pack for Prague in June Lightweight, long-sleeved and short-sleeved shirts will be your most versatile pieces of clothing when you travel to Prague in summer. We want to blend in as much as possible, but are not quite sure what to wear. It is the 4th most-visited city in Europe after London, Paris, and Rome. Every year in June the city holds festival of dance “Tanec Praha”. what kind of pants do women wear in Prague? Karel Zeman Museum. Hundreds of excellent reviews from previous clients.Check the offer at https://www.livingpraguetours.com. There are no official holidays in June, but there are plenty of days which have a significance, and they are celebrated with various events. Add a light sweater or jacket to your for potentially chilly evenings. Unlike most places, Madrid follows and appreciates a simple dress code during the summer. Read about one of them, the National Memorial at Lidice which was obliterated on June 10th. The cobblestone walkways could be pain for your shoes, so carry shoes accordingly. Until June 4th. skirts? I recomend falts or a sturdy shoe like a Sperry and nothing like an open toe flat or flip-flop you will regret it! See the Den Kozel post. From 11am, this is an “electronic” music event on Shooters Island. June 1st (or the first Saturday in June). A khaki trench will carry you through most of the places and a little black dress (LBD) will be your best bet for both sightseeing and hitting the nightclubs. simple tee + short pants will be alright ? Answer 1 of 3: I'm a 25 year old woman. Tanec Praha (Dance Prague) programme. May can be very changeable but daytime temperatures should not be less than 15 degrees Celsius (hence the sweatshirt/jacket). Check my post about this event. Think of all the cobblestones of the world, yes, there are many in Prague! The streets are beautiful although terrible to walk on! See the MetronomeFest post. June Date TBA. https://tanecpraha.cz/en, June Date TBA. Details on the Jazzboat page. Free entry to museums, galleries and cultural institutions but times vary with the whole event between 7pm to 1am. http://neviditelna.cz/en/ book online to find a tour in your language. Hungarians tend to be fairly casual regarding style; comfort is commonly the number one factor, there is a slight fashion divide throughout the city between the older and younger generation, the former opting for more conservative wear whilst the younger favoring more casual western styles. June Date TBA. 4. See more ideas about What to wear, Prague… Consider jeans and a variety of light tops for the day walks. Keep hydrated by sipping at a bottle of water and add a little extra salt to your meals on sunny days to replenish what you are losing as you sweat (helps to prevent headaches caused by dehydration). Rain is possible, so be ready to duck under a shelter to wait out showers, or carry a … Prague. Trdlo filled with ice-cream will be more popular from June onwards though it does work out more expensive for the actual ice-cream. Check out the ‘What’s on in Prague’ for this date, as there will be plenty of free (and paid) … Invisible. So what to wear in June? There are no State or Jewish holidays in June. www.facebook.com/HoliOpenAirPraha, June Date TBA. Kids – Pretty tops and skirts for your girl or you can also go for cropped pants or shorts. MetronomeFest. International Children’s Day. Welcome to the world of the blind and this is definitely something that will make you reassess your life. Spring and Summer Clothes. After the death of the World War II Reichsprotektor Reinhard Heydrich on June 4th following the assassination attempt on May 27th the Nazi’s exacted retribution by destroying two Czech villages. An out of town beer/music event accessible by train/bus. A series of contemporary dance performances in different locations in the city. Prague Tourism Prague Hotels Prague Bed and Breakfast Prague Holiday Rentals Prague Holiday Packages Flights to Prague Prague Restaurants As such, you will not be left stranded anywhere while sightseeing. The streets in Budapest were a little better than in Prague. Do people there wear jeans and tee-shirts? Permanent Exhibition. what kind of pants do women wear in Prague? Jun 1, 2015 - Prague is the beautiful sight of Europe and you can visit here any time .Weather condition and climate is always pleasant and romantic . Prague in JanuaryPrague in FebruaryPrague in MarchPrague in AprilPrague in MayPrague in JunePrague in JulyPrague in AugustPrague in SeptemberPrague in OctoberPrague in NovemberPrague in December. Childrens Day is not a holiday but there will be celebrations across Prague. But honestly, as long as you wear the right things and don’t spend too long on high ground or by the river, you won’t be super-chilled by the weather. Includes tour detail/operator and client reviews.Check the offer at GetYourGuide, Permanent Exhibition. The climate of Prague is generally cold, so summer tends to be the season of choice for all tourists as temperature soars a little during this time. That means you will have o walk a lot, so carry comfortable and closed-toe shoes. Things to do in Prague in June. Exact program and music artists will be given on www.mysticsk8cup.cz. What about some contemporary jazz and a scenic cruise combined (option to eat as well). The main event is on the 27th but from the evening of the 25th there’s the opportunity to try out Paddleboarding. You will discover most Europeans wear stylish but comfortable shoes or a higher-end sneaker look. Jul 2, 2013 - What to Wear in Prague in June & What to Pack for a Central Europe Trip. I love Prague and Budapest they are two of my favorite cities, I last visited both in June of 2009. Prague has an oceanic climate with cold winters and mild, damp summers. What To Wear In Madrid In June. Take a look at either my Top Czech Food Picks or for a more comprehensive guide, the Czech Food and Restaurant Etiquette page. Food and drink available in the area and open-air music. Of course, a sunscreen and a glam pair of sunglasses are important. The only perk during this time is that you will have to fight for space in hotels, cafes, restaurants, pretty much everywhere. There’s really nothing you can wear to offset the storms so just concentrate on what to wear when the storm has passed. Details at https://www.praguepaddlefest.cz/. Mostly I can help with some local advice. Three days of combined worldclass skateboarding and music event (evening). I’m British and I’ve lived here for 24 years so you can look forward to a wealth of local and historical information delivered in Native English. If your traveling to Prague and the Czech Republic in summer, make sure you plan several months in advance, as accommodation books up quickly and prices soar. What to Wear in Prague? You can also go for neutral-colored sandals and shoes for hitting upscale areas. June is the first month of the summer and temperatures begin to increase throughout the month.

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