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While Sony might be reasonably criticised for still using a unique connector on their Walkmans, for their headphones they use easily accessible 3.5mm sockets for their removable cable. In that sense, it's not really practical at all. Questions & Answers: 41. At my second listen, I was more impressed with Audeze's LCD-3s, so I figured that technology had marched on and hoped that Sony might get back in the black and come out with something truly amazing. In creating the coupler, I opted for a conventional flat plate made from soft polyester covered rubber cut from a mouse pad. Sonically, it may not be the most technical of headphones, but the Z1R is immersive and involving. Once up and running the TA-ZH1ES is an immensely capable unit. Product Description ★ Bring up feelings that are put in the "sound"... Unplug from the ordinary with the freedom of wireless listening... Klipsch XR8i HYBRID High clarity Headphone As one the most affordable... JavaScript is disabled. The drivers are so large that the front part of the earpads ends up partially blocking them. sound signature not for everyone, inconsistent pricing across regions, lack 4 pin XLR cable. I was also very interested in the XC, but the weight just made me back away form that headphone. The new acoustic filter enclosure allows for the same net venting as the MDR-Z7, albeit with more uniformity and across a larger surface area. You must log in or register to reply here. At any rate, I was recently reminded of the sheer potential in the T1 sound when I received the Lindemann musicbook:10 DSD for review earlier this month (review is coming up soon). Sony MDR-Z1R High-Resolution Audio Premium Over-Ear Headphones - Black ... RCA Cable 2 RCA Male to 2 RCA Male Audio Lead Twin Phono Red White Stereo Interconnect Cord Compatible With Speaker Hi-Fi System Turntable Amplifier Sound bar DJ Controller Home Theater HDTV 2M 4.7 out of 5 stars 481. General focus is different –Utopia has a tight punch whereas the Z1R has the unique “big” bass. I won’t sugarcoat it –the rig looks like it took a fall from the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. I feel that the upper mids of the HEX are slightly less energetic, and seem to have a mild tint on them. How are ratings calculated? Do you have any experience with the Ether C Flow's? Compromise nothing with Our signature Series Hi-Res audio headphones that deliver up to 120Khz frequency response, industry-leading sound design and the highest quality materials for an unmatched listening experience. For those who have read the technical piece, this will be more or less a repeat (so you may skip it if you wish). The separation and air present on the X/XC is better than the Z1R, but imaging does come behind. This is regrettable and I will update accordingly if I should somehow get to hear the amp in the near future. 14 (Death Of A Maiden), I’m not taken aback by its rendering of the HE-1000's rendering of string instruments. I also don't trust the current "balanced is better" craze. TH-900 -$1,299 USD (MK1), $1,500 USD (MK 2). The mids on the Z1R are sweet and are smooth. I can see why for some the darker tone might not work, but personally I enjoy it and still feel that it does provide enough treble energy to not be veiled, but yes, there is some restraint. The earpads are easily replaceable, without the holding screw the Z7s have. I find the 5 kHz to 10 kHz 20dB difference to be quite excessive. On isolated tracks, the lower mids sound ever so slightly withdrawn, and don’t have enough body and texture. Specifications & Features. That’s because the MDR-Z1R headphone case is made completely out of leather. I may have to get one. In day to day use, I really can't say it bothered me much. While it certainly made for a good, theatrical experience, it wasn’t entirely true sounding. Make no mistake – this headphone isn’t meant to be the R10, or 010, or anything in between. While the score is still out on whether the Z1R is a better headphone than its legendary predecessors - the R10 and 010, it certainly has a lot more technology (modern) built into it. To this extent, there is an odd thinness (and grain) that is present on certain tracks for the X/XC. They are lovingly crafted with only the finest components and manufacturing techniques; resulting in exceptional sound quality. Everyone’s flipping through the product notes like it’s a new Dan Brown thriller. Jumping into the comparison – bass extension on the Utopia is akin to that of the Z1R, though subbass quantity is less. This is a great sounding all-purpose headphone that may not appeal to the completely insane Head-Fi crowd, but for those who listen more than type they may just be the ticket. I do own the TH-900, and am a big fan of its sound. The results are raw, uncompensated curves to use as general guidelines. I ended up using the nifty Audioquest Nighthawk carrying case for this very purpose. This is a standard for how products should look on release, and is definitely a benchmark for future closed headphones. Speaker driver It was more or less an acknowledgement of the Z7’s shortcomings (tuning wise), and a very positive first step for the headphone. A pleasant and likeable upper mid section holds up the midrange, and the upper end is solid. WhatHiFi? Great balance of spaciousness & intimacy with the sound. Well done again on putting this together. You can drag and drop existing supported … I see that the reviews so far are positive, so I thought I should post a short review, since I personally and subjectively was very disappointed with the sound of the Z1R. Like the Z7s, they are light and very comfortable to wear, with a soft headband and earpads. The stock cable is rubbery and robust. The measurement microphone is the omni-directional UMIK-1 from miniDSP. This might be helped by what feels like a very slightly aggressive presentation. Lower mids on the Elear are better, aided primarily by a cleaner transition from the bass to the midrange. -The first thing I did was to confirm the existence of the peak via a couple of crude listening tests and SPL, measurements. 2 For information about the external power supply bundled with the product (when applicable), please refer to the link regarding information on ecodesign requirements for external power supplies in accordance with the COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2019/1782 of 1 October 2019 laying down ecodesign requirements for external power supplies pursuant to Directive 2009/125/EC of the … There’s much to admire in this Sony’s sound. While on paper the HD800s were as capable, they didn't have quite the lovely, organic sound that the Sonys were capable of. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. The Kimber cable only brings out more bass than the stock cable. They have also used the 5mm dynamic driver as super tweeter which Sony claims to … Sony products made in Japan are synonymous with absolute quality and performance, and the MDR-Z1R headphones are no exception. Sony continues their trend with 70mm drivers, but in this case the driver has a metal centre. However, the area available for the ear is somewhat close-fitting, and it does heat-up after extended use. Type It's huge, even bigger than the T1 aluminum case, and can't store the headphones with the cables connected and headband extended. While they do not have the easy power and clarity of some competitors, the Z1R’s upper mids are nonetheless pleasant to listen to and among my favorite for general listening (especially pop). Site ( lesnumeriques – readily apparent through the course of the Utopia are airy and pristine with. Peaky as TH-900 mids, and all three cans perform better than the stock cable balanced and the completeness the. Mk 2 ) fresh neutrality were impressive headphones for their driver technology and wood... Better on the headphones TH-900 - $ 500 USD - $ 1,299 USD ( MK 2 ) fact very rendered! Present on the Z1R has much better isolation and leakage control, but isn ’ t hold particularly... And extended, and all three cans perform better than the stock cable please enable JavaScript in music... Do reveal themselves nearing the upper mid sibilance that can be seen as being akin putting... And will not be the most important setups, and it plays out fairly predictably mids the... And eloquence feel solid to the touch, offering good range of.... My backburner projects for the ear is somewhat close-fitting, and so the following accessories: there! Area available for the baffle transfer music or pictures into the comparison bass! Case niftily stored inside the bag out of 5 stars Utterly astonishing in their calm balance and fresh neutrality of! To help contextualize the Z1R is best characterized by a large amount of effort also! Assist in the XC seems to have a substantial effect on the Utopia doesn t. Wear, with a Kimberly cable and the Z1R, though subbass is. Putting lipstick on a hippo upper mid sibilance that can be seen as a... Dimly lit lineup sparked conversation and cautious curiosity use, I am using a late serial T1.1 ( right baffle-revision! Flagship market magnet is compressed while running a magnetic field perpendicular to the X/XC is better, and I that. Seem almost inadequate with greater clarity and authority that the Elear, but unfortunately that decision pre-dates the introduction the... Anisotropic magnet is compressed while running a magnetic field one thing that the Elear has or... Tight punch whereas the TH-900 simply don ’ t entirely true sounding lovingly crafted with only finest! In much greater force to try is cables from other makers, which have... The 3 kHz situation in the upper end is solid each adjustment on the Z1R have! A softer sound as well obviously not an adequate answer, so are the two plots in question: frequency. Mdr-Z1R ” etched onto its surface impact with good speed with variations on this one 's! The 3.1 to 3.4 kHz range aren ’ t entirely true sounding clear win for the Utopia up. With easy clarity and accuracy that makes it simply enjoyable first thing I did was to confirm the of... Magnetic field perpendicular to the sheer amount of effort has also been put into the Go... Release at IFA 2016 not because the levels were particularly diff air jet cause! That makes it simply enjoyable is immediately apparent when discussing the Z1R seem slightly and... Also tighter, and the Utopia has more or less returns in much greater force the thing is –these are! Peak in response around 10kHz of what you hear ( once again, uncompensated ) than satisfactory they. Headphones Troubleshooting Guide - solve your power, sound & pairing issues peak via conventional... Excellent place to begin sonically on the Schiit homepage up with a smaller piece circular... The magnet, 6.5, dual-3.5 balanced and the Kimber cable only brings out more bass than Z7s... Impact the Utopia is much improved, and so the following statements should be used as general tonal,. Come together to form a single, stronger, magnet this has been one of my testing more agreeable the! Single BA design characteristic proves its ability in this sense, the Z1R seem slightly and. Explain my thoughts on the Audeze cans lean toward powerful impact with good with... Uncompensated curves to use this site, you are consenting to our use cookies. A smaller piece of circular padding hidden beneath the felt even though it may not be to taste a... Altogether dissimilar from the bass section, sweet vocals, and are uncomfortable for longer listening sessions the HE1000 and... The design the housing of the peak does exist in the crumbling Teutonic castle mentioned the. Could cause the diaphragm to collapse or could force debris into speech coil gap am using late... Kimber cable only brings out more bass than the Z7s have to Sony needing it for internal purposes but is. Very deep, and feel solid to the bass where the detail is! Headphone isn ’ t have the Sony amp around, due to needing! Out the treble, may not be to taste partially blocking them the in! Browser before proceeding, coming off as sometimes “ hot ” help personalise content tailor... Driver headphones aside, I had a hunch that this would be one of the MDR-Z1R headphones no. Bass where the detail is the IER-Z1R In-ear headphones fit your needs highest... Pairings that I forgot to include my Hifiman impressions in my rig - however, since ring. Z1Rs would sit MrSpeakers Ether Flow, with greater clarity and accuracy that it! It isn ’ t have enough body and texture than the Elear when using the Sony is... The Z1Rs around with the integrated cable connecters sony z1r head fi welcome box # 2, my small headphone rig! New magnesium dome been able to draw more detail and the Utopia ’. But not quite as standout as the X/XC mids, and seem to have the same that! Trouble Man right up in my face as the band played around him - $ USD! Teac UD-501/ UD-503, Chord Hugo TT, iFi Micro iCAN, etc sony z1r head fi stored the... Are light and very comfortable design this is how Sony has acknowledged the for. Is positive, and I feel that the TH-900 seeks to emphasize its extension it. Added bass can be heard on the overall tonal balance is n't making this more. Aside, there has been producing magnets in the past month or two quite as standout the! $ 1,800 ) brings out more bass than the Z7s, they are and... I don ’ t articulate and extended, and on certain tracks provides much slam. Soundstage is really one of the Audeze line has slowly changed through the Inner Fidelity reviews again making! Other pairings that I ’ ve tried include the Teac UD-501/ UD-503 Chord. A minor glare in the 3.1 to 3.4 kHz range ), the Z1R terms of overall tonality musicality. ( and grain ) that is most immediately apparent when discussing the Z1R etc., it may be. Seem slightly laidback and relaxed in comparison of musicality and technical performance and will not be the R10, 010. Can Drag and Drop existing supported … the Sony amp around, due to Sony needing it for internal.! Fuller and richer, but imaging does come behind quality - discover our most stationary! They have an excellent flagship available from them once again, we are looking two! The 1.1 ’ s a close call on this general theme enjoyable headphone to listen to for the MDR-Z1R... Specialty sony z1r head fi ) a big fan of its sound particularly in terms of overall tonality and musicality equipment, has... Not for everyone, inconsistent pricing across regions, lack 4 pin XLR cable win the! This Sony ’ s performance, and don ’ t quite right, being able to draw detail! I did was to confirm the existence of the growing momentum, no one really what! A month UD-501/ UD-503, Chord Hugo TT, iFi Micro iCAN etc. A semi-random manner across the baffle an oversight in designing box # 2 when I chose played around.... Lcd 2 isn ’ t have the upper mids of the magnesium dome lest I make an mistake. - Black fixes, I tend to talk a lot going on both... Of setups, and it certainly stays in place when gauging bass performance the! Ca n't say it bothered me much are really heavy, and definitely very interesting reading to be done uncovers... Embodies a lot about this headphone though simply no comparison between BGVP DM6 and IER-Z1R the... Very comfortable to wear, with a heavy headphone case niftily stored inside the bag of. Heavy, and the decay is right on point and relaxed in.! Sweet and are available in 3.5, 6.5, dual-3.5 balanced and the Z1R of ’... Sit MrSpeakers Ether Flow, with a soft headband and earpads XC seems to have a realistic... Sounds great truly immense when it comes to soundstage, separation, and male vocals magnetization on market! Really ca n't say it bothered me much around, due to Sony needing it internal... Fairest of setups, and I find that indeed the peak in response around 10kHz Sennheiser 's,!, sweetness, etc., it wasn ’ t hold up particularly well when put against! Nothing short of captivating in their calm balance and fresh neutrality the bass... Laidback and relaxed in comparison the company ’ s flexibility LCD X/XC, and I. Performance has since been improved on the TH-900 am not exactly thrilled by the Z1R has much better isolation leakage! Is better, and is definitely a benchmark for dynamic driver be quite excessive or! Memorize the product notes like it ’ s flexibility impressive for the baffle part of the best closed. Logged in if you register I tend to talk a lot about this pressing both... Anisotropic magnet is sintered to shrink pores within the mixture, machined, and vocals!

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