'We are here to inspire and challenge you'

At Enlighten, we are a team and community of dedicated, experienced, native language teachers from many countries. Highly qualified linguistic professionals, we hold masters degrees and/or certificates for Teaching Foreign Languages.

We are creative and provide a wide range of materials to make your experience stimulating and effective whether you are a beginner or an advanced student.

Having lived and travelled in different parts of the world, we are sensitive to the experiences you may encounter when launching into a new language. Setting targets and assessing your progress on a regular basis is an important part of our service.

We look forward to embarking on a successful, unique linguistic journey together!

Managing Director


In 2013 I created Enlighten Languages with a view to providing students with a unique learning experience. I am personally committed to making sure each and every course is effective and meaningful, allowing students to reach their full potential inside and outside the workplace. I manage a team of qualified, motivated, teachers in France and Spain from different professional backgrounds. We have a common aim : we want to equip our students for fluent and coherent communication across the globe. We like to challenge our students and take great pride in their achievements. Together as a team we love to share our passion for learning and teaching languages.


HR & Pedagogical director

Howdy! My name is Tyler, “Tyleur”, “Taylor”, or“타일러” depending on your linguistic profile. I’m originally from Wisconsin (USA), and am crazy about languages, traveling, cycling, and badminton! I like to think of myself as a people person and I value (probably more than anything) the strong connection I create with our Enlighten team as well as with all our students. I’m currently wearing a couple of “hats” within Enlighten. As Human Resources Director, I recruit a top-notch team of trainers that provide quality tailor-made instruction to all of our students. As Pedagogical Director, I’m constantly working “behind the scenes” to improve the quality of our pedagogical content and also hold monthly “train the trainer” sessions for our trainers all across France and Spain. And occasionally I still put on my “teacher hat”. As a teacher, I pride myself in really paying attention to the small details of each student’s individual learning style and encourage every student to take risks while learning with me. For me, building confidence is fundamental to improving language skills! I enjoy very specific English training requests just as much as sharing stories about life and believe that both types of interaction are essential to building linguistic versatility both inside and outside of the “office”. I have been on the Enlighten team for four years now, based in Lyon.

Hello! I'm Ric from Exeter in the south-west of England. My goal when teaching is to enable the student to speak confidently about all aspects of life, both general and specific to business. I believe in active and lively lessons, In which the student can learn whilst debating real life situations with passion. I enjoy being part of the Enlighten team in Lyon, as I am able to meet people from all walks of life who have different language orientated goals.

Hello! I’m Marie, an English teacher from Philadelphia in the US. Growing up with an American father and a French mother, I became aware of the particular issues that speakers of multiple languages face. I’ve been living and teaching in Toulouse for six years and enjoy helping business professionals and independent learners alike progress towards their goals, gain confidence, and feel at ease as they discover the satisfaction of expressing themselves in English. I find purpose in giving my students the tools they need and in guiding them as they pursue their interests. I joined the Enlighten team in 2015.

Hi, my name is Anne-Marie and I come from Melbourne, Australia. I have been living in Lyon for 6 years and have been part of the Enlighten team for nearly two years. I do telephone lessons, in-company teaching and translations for Enlighten, and feel that the team atmosphere is really what makes Enlighten different, as it creates a relaxed and friendly environment for the teachers and the students. I have a Masters degree in translation, which I enjoy because it allows me to think about and participate in the relationship between language and culture. My priority as a teacher is to help my students to feel comfortable and relaxed in English, and to encourage them to view language learning as an interesting experience rather than just a tool or an obligation. In the classroom I try to create a friendly and informal environment where students can express themselves without stress.

Hi there, I’m Carly! I hail from Baltimore, USA but have called France and Spain home since 2011. I studied Linguistics and History at Georgetown University and have been teaching English for 7 years. I feel so lucky to be working at Enlighten, not only because our boss and teammates are passionate and supportive, but also because I’m allowed to tailor my classes to my students’ individual needs rather than rigidly follow a particular template as I was used to in previous teaching posts. I have taught all ages and levels of English but find I prefer teaching adults since it’s a fun challenge and I like working closely with each student, finding out their interests, learning style and how to relate each class to their life and professional needs. I so enjoy helping my students achieve their goals and gain confidence in English.

Hello! I'm Sophie and I'm an English teacher from Leicestershire in England. I have been teaching English for 3 years. After completing my training in Argentina I went on to work for several language institutes and bilingual primary schools teaching students of all ages and abilities. I joined the Enlighten team in Toulouse this year. Thanks to my background in Drama and Modern Foreign Languages my teaching style is energetic and informal with lots of role plays, games and debates.

I'm Alice from Reading in the UK. I started teaching English after I left University in 2012 and I've been living in Lyon for 5 years now. I joined the Enlighten team in 2015. Having moved abroad as a young person I know how challenging it is to learn a new language. This makes me extra passionate about helping my students succeed. I know that with hard work and practice they can really improve their understanding and boost their level. I like to use a variety of stimulating materials in my teaching ranging from articles, videos, role-plays and current affairs.

Hi, I'm Esther! I'm from near Birmingham in England and studied French at the University of Leeds. I am a recent addition to the Enlighten team, I joined in October and mainly do telephone lessons. Enlighten provides a fun, relaxed, and practical way to teach and learn languages. Enlighten allows flexibility to organise personalised lessons, so that they fit in with the student and the teacher - making it possible for you to learn languages amidst your busy, daily life. I believe that in learning a language, speaking early and often is key. Whatever your interests, I try to tailor lessons to things that students enjoy talking about. Personally, I love food so I enjoy exploring the similarities and differences between French and British cuisine. I often use videos and role plays to help students improve pronunciation, vocabulary, and most importantly, confidence!


Hi! I'm Antonio from Oxford in the UK. I have been living in France and particularly in the Paris region since I left university (not Oxford university 🙂 ) back in the early 90s. 
I have been an English language trainer for many years, but only recently joined the Enlighten training team.  
Being bilingual in French and English enables me not only to better understand the mistakes French learners make, but also the difficulties and challenges they are confronted with when communicating in English.
Whenever possible I try to demonstrate the connections and patterns that exist between French and English and as a result this encourages risk taking and develops self-confidence, both of which are crucial in language learning.

I previously worked as a lawyer in the UK and my business background makes understanding the demands of students easier. By drawing upon my own professional skills I am able to enhance students learning experience by relating my classes to true life. I am delighted to be part of the Enlighten team. I have been teaching English in Lyon for about 3 years to a variety of students but particularly enjoy Enlighten as my students are very motivated and want to learn. I also appreciate the team spirit at Enlighten as there is a real willingness to work together.


Hi, my name is Jason Schwary and I have recently joined the Enlighten team in Nice!

I’m originally from Newport Beach, California and have an extensive background in finance and accounting. I’m happy to say that I’ve lived on four different continents, travelled to over 60+ countries, lived in New York City and Philadelphia for four years apiece and speak 3 languages. Since arriving in France over 6 years ago, I have focused solely on teaching English (perhaps less money but way more satisfying!). Aside from teaching English, my students appreciate my laid-back Californian attitude, passion for improving their English and the fact that we can discuss at length anything and everything under the sun!!




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